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1:12 Scale NUTBUSTER + TEQ63 New "UNIT_01” Colorway

1:12 Nutbuster and TEQ63 is back with the most iconic unit 01 colorway.

Teq63 has over 22 articulated joints and can fit perfectly inside the cockpit of the Nutbuster to pilot it (the Nutbuster has two-stage of rotary joints in its hands).

The weapons and SRCH robot K9 are both newly designed color schemes by Quiccs.

1: 12 TEQ63 UNIT_01- USD 100 + 10 shipping


Preorder 06.28.24 | Friday | 11pm Hong Kong/ Manila

ETA : OCT 2024
No refund 









1:12 TEQ63 UNIT_01 Figure

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