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[AUDOirregulars] --"Numinos" 1:12 Collectible Figure

Devil Toys很榮幸的宣佈與日本著名原創cosplayer單位"AUDOirregulars"再次合作, 緊接" Zenorisu "後馬上推出第二彈.

再次由cosplayer 大神バァドゥ氏親自設計,帶有濃厚日本色彩的科幻劍士 - Numinos,全裝甲配上Devil Toys 2.0 全可動素體和布製服飾,再裝備上由 Devil Toys 團隊特別為Numinos設計的雙劍連劍鞘。 劍鞘更可透過初回限定連接部件組合成大弓作遠程攻擊。並配上四把暗殺用的苦無作不同程度的作戰。


另外是次會多送出一對" Zenorisu "緊握武器的手型和關節,讓玩家遊玩第一彈時更加得心應手。

預訂時間為2月6日中午12 noon Hong Kong / 1 PM Japan Time / 11AM NY Time  -



[AUDOirregulars] --"Numinos" 1:12 collectible Figure


Devil Toys is delighted to announce its collaboration with the renowned Japanese original cosplay unit "AUDOirregulars" again,after the release of "Zenorisu" 


Designed by the cosplay master バァドゥ, Numinos is a sci-fi swordsman with a strong Japanese influence. Featuring full armor, Devil Toys 2.0 fully articulated body, and fabric clothing, Numinos is also equipped with a dual sword sheath specially designed by Devil Toys team. The sheath can be combined with limited edition connecting parts to form a large bow for long-range attacks. Additionally, four kunai for assassination purposes are included for various combat scenarios.


Furthermore, as a bonus, a pair of hands and joints that can grip the weapons of "Zenorisu" will be included, allowing players to have a more seamless experience when playing.

Per-order will be on Feb 6 at 12PM Hong Kong / 1PM Japan Time - 11AM NY  -

The delivery date will be on Q3 2024.


Cosplayer /Artist: バァドゥ

日本石川縣生, 2018年開始專業成為cosplay設計師, 2019年創作AUDOirregulars系列,開始跟朋友自製出不同的裝甲服進行拍攝並在網絡上廣傳,2022年重新設計出可穿著的EVA初號機和風靈高達等服裝,得到世界廣泛報導而人氣急升 。

Cosplayer /Artist: バァドゥ


Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan,  バァドゥ started his professional career as a cosplay designer in 2018. In 2019, they created the AUDOirregulars series and began producing various armored costumes with their friends for photography, which gained widespread popularity on the internet. In 2022,He designed wearable costumes such as the EVA Unit-01 and Aerial Gundam  , receiving extensive coverage worldwide and his popularity has skyrocketed.






[AUDOirregulars] --"Numinos" 1:12 collectible Figure

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