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[AUDOirregulars] --"Zenorisu" 1:12 collectible Figure

Devil Toys很榮幸的宣佈與日本著名原創cosplayer單位"AUDOirregulars"合作 , 把他設計的一系列裝甲服造成1:12比例的珍藏級可動人偶。

由於 バァドゥ 先生的設計極為複雜,我們共花了兩年的時間把他的設計逐一解拆並重新設計,進一步提升細緻度和真實感。

商品更付有由Devil Toys 為 " Zenorisu " 新設計之專用步槍 。

如預訂到達一定數量, 將解鎖神秘限定配件!!!

預訂時間為5月30日晚上11PM Hong Kong / 12PM Japan Time - 10AM NY - 7AM LA -



Devil Toys is very honored to announce the collaboration with the famous Japanese original cosplayer "AUDOirregulars" to turn a series of armor suits designed by him into 1:12 scale collectible action figures.

Since Mr. バァドゥ's design is extremely complex, we spent two years dismantling each part and re-designing his cosplay armor to further improve the level of detail and enhance the realism.

The product also comes with a special rifle newly designed by Devil Toys for Zenorisu.

If the reservation reaches a certain units, the mysterious limited accessories will be unlocked!!!

Per-order will be on May 30 at 11PM Hong Kong / 12PM Japan Time - 10AM NY - 7AM LA -

The delivery date will be on Q1 2024.

Price: USD 95 +USD 10 Shipping


Cosplayer /Artist: バァドゥ

日本石川縣生, 2018年開始專業成為cosplay設計師, 2019年創作AUDOirregulars系列,開始跟朋友自製出不同的裝甲服進行拍攝並在網絡上廣傳,2022年重新設計出可穿著的EVA初號機和風靈高達等服裝,得到世界廣泛報導而人氣急升 。

Cosplayer /Artist: バァドゥ

Mr. バァド, born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. He started to become a professional cosplay designer in 2018. In 2019, he created the AUDOirregulars series. He began to make different armor suits with his friends for photo shoot and spread them on the Internet and other social media. In 2022, he redesigned the first wearable EVA -01and Fu Ling Gundam costumes. It was widely reported around the world and their popularity has skyrocketed.






[AUDOirregulars] --"Zenorisu" 1:12 collectible Figure

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