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We are excited to announce our first collaboration with @katun_

Retail Price: 5000 PHP

Booth: S22


On this collaboration, we introduce you:


On a distant planet where the jungles stretch beyond the horizon and the skies shimmer with otherworldly colors, lived Kosmos. Endowed with unparalleled strength and a deep sense of justice, Kosmos had taken on the mantle of protector for his kind. In a world where evil forces threatened the peace and harmony of the jungle, Kosmos stood as a beacon of hope. With every battle he fought, he not only defended his home but also brought a sense of unity and tranquility to his fellow creatures. In the face of darkness, Kosmos the ape fighting to ensure that peace would reign supreme.

USD 85

Design by yours truly

3D @soak25_

Creative @4stages @epz_toys

Produce @deviltoyshk

#4stages #deviltoys #kosmos #designertoynation #designertoy #toy #epz #katun #toyconph


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