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MWR VOL 1: CARBINE & DXIII deluxe set
1:12 Scale Action Figure Chkdsk x Deviltoys x Quiccs

--- The boys are back on their new pocket-size edition. Carbine and DXIII will be in their OG colorway, fully articulated and equipped with their respective weapons.

Set Price • CARBINE & DXIII deluxe set: USD 300    CARBINE   +  DXIII   +  Newly Design shield   + "ONIMARU[Re:D]" Motorcycle   (The shield and bike are available ONLY on the Deluxe set)   -LED light up function      ( only 1 set 1 per person)  

The online drop will be available later on 12NN (HK/MNL) • midnight (NY). The ETA will be Q1 2023. --- #MWR #DXIII #chkdsk #deviltoys #Carbine #actionfigures #mechawillrise #thebulletpunknetwork

MWR 1: 12 CARBINE & DXIII Deluxe set

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