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Limited Edition ASIA EXCLUSIVE

The Big Red is Back! The classic colorway tribute to one our most favorite anime movies of all time AKIRA returns this time around on our battle tank fighter from South East Asia, ZETA!

Highly limited and numbered to 99 pcs, they will only be available within Asia via:

"Asia Customer Only, US and non-asia customer is not available"

Product will be Shipped on  MId Feb

China - TYC Toys

Hong Kong - De'sPlay / Toystation

Taiwan - PlayToys Forever

Set your alarms! Drops this Saturday, January 29 at 11PM Hong Kong time via and our Store Partners Visit Devil Toys for more information!

Dont miss out on this very rare gem! Always stay safe fellas, and see you on the other side!








"OTOMO ZETA"(Asia Customer Only)

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