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MWR: sp01 Pumpkin Jacko 1:6 Scale collectible Figure

Chk Dsk x Devil Toys x Quiccs Maiquez

After the success of the Devil Toys First Backer Project, The official pre-order of MWR: sp01 Pumpkin Jacko will be on 27 Jan 2023.

Newly Designed helmet, transformable sickle and reversible jackets will be included in this set.

Additional two pair of gesture hands will be also included too.

Price is 195 USD + 15 Shipping worldwide

Pre-orders will be opened today. Just head over to for the info and product details.

Thank you again for the collector who back the project and bring Jacko to live.

Good luck and be safe guys!!!


Since Jacko witnessed his mother killing his alcoholic father to protect himself on Halloween night when he was a child, he has developed a split personality from this trauma. Every Halloween, he will transform into a pumpkin head to protect children and orphans on the street from any danger.

Because of his excellent melee skills, he was discovered by HIVE's AI and recruited to MWR, but because of the problem of his split personality, he was still unable to join the task force. Captain Carbine had to reassign him into an independent team to carry out difficult special tasks.

Pumpkin Jacko 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

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