Devil Toys First Backer Project

Mwr: sp01 Pumpkin Jacko will start to pre-order on 31 OCt 2022- 30 Nov 2022

Price USD 210 (with int'l shipping)

Outfit , weapon and details on the figurine will be upgraded if the backer project is successful.

If less than 100 backer before 30 Nov 2022, we will do a full refund on paypal and the project will be cancelled.

Pumpkin Jacko is a very special one under The MWR Universe, only appears during Halloween and no one knows his true identity beneath the mask.
He is the master of sickle, stealth by night. He assassinates the targets during the darkest night

Pumpkin Jacko 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure [Backer Project]