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Secret Master (OG) and Secret Trooper (Sand Viper) 1:12 collectible figures [Pre-order]

To celebrate Devil Toys' 10th anniversary, War of Order is making a comeback and rebooting in the 1:12 scale series.

Pre-order will start on 9 May 2024 23:00 PM HK time (NY 11:00 am) -

There will be more designs and concepts that couldn't be productized in the previous 1:6 scale, now available in the 1:12 series.


Set: USD 190 + USD 20 shipping

ETA: Dec 2024

A newly design machine gun can be combined when Purchasing both products

The official war of order novel will be serialized on the devil toys official website started at June 2024.

War of Order 1:12 series will be connected to our new project 3D:evil.


為興祝Devil Toys 10周年,War of order 即將以1:12 系列回歸並重啟,



Single usd 95+15 shipping

Set :    usd 190 + 20 shipping


官方小說即將於6月於官網連載,War of Order1: 12系列將與未來的3D:evil 計劃連動。





Set of Secret Master & Secret Trooper (Sand Viper)1:12 Collectible Figures

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